The Hope That is Hygeia...

"Reaching out and trying to make people more aware of the grieving that comes with any pregnancy loss or infant loss, is wonderful. And making a place for us to go, and share our experiences with people who will listen and understand is wonderful too." "When I read all the stories about all the pain and heartache that is felt worldwide it saddens me but in a way comforts me knowing I am not alone. Strangers we may be, but yet we are connected by a common thread the loss of a child and that makes us all soulmates."

The mothers of these babies are all regular users (members) of Hygeia and come from several different countries.   They came to Hygeia to share their grief, hopes, fears and friendships, and their often "anxiety-ridden" subsequent pregnancies. These children aged from 12 months are the hope that is Hygeia®

Dear Dr Berman,
"I created the attached to share with my "global hygeia friends", a couple who suggested I forward it on to you. Myself, and the Mothers of these babies are all regular users from your "Successful Birth after a Loss" board. We are understandably proud of these special gifts - our babies after our loss(es). Babies that YOU helped to be, by giving us this place to come and share our grief, hopes, fears and friendships, and our often "anxiety-ridden" subsequent pregnancies. These babies are aged from 12 months, and our friendships have stemmed from our previous loss(es). We want you to know what a special global network you have provided us with. I know I speak for the others as well, when I say we are eternally grateful to yourself and Hygeia, and all that it stands for."

Yours faithfully, 

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