For families with critically or chronically ill Newborns and children

Hygeiaİ is now bringing its technology and databases to newborn special care units, pediatric intensive care units, community programs and schools at national and international hospitals, organizations and institutions such as Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Ronald McDonald Foundation. Read about these first two of hopefully many institutions to implement this program.   If your child is now hospitalized or has a chronic disease or disorder,   please consider participating in this area of Hygeia.

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When you register with Hygeia, you will be able to participate in an exchange of stories and thoughts on a messageboard and in a private, international e-mail community between those families experiencing the anquish of having a critically or chronically ill child.  The Registry includes email addresses, and the diagnosis and disorders of your children. Please fill out this form to permit access to the Hygeia Registered Users Registry.You must include a valid E-mail Address. The Password to have access to the Registered Users list and chat area will be e-mailed to you. You need not register with Hygeia to access the poems and information presented on the site.

If you do not have an email address, you can obtain one and be able to exchange stories and feelings in many languages through epals webmail. I have selected this email platform for its ease of use and mulit-langauge support.

If you have other children, please visit the Sibling Area and consider their participation in the moderated chat room.



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