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<title>Maternl© Help with access to pre-natal and women's health care

1. Get your personal letter of introduction to a center, clinic, hospital or other healthcare facility

You will be able to print this personalized letter of introduction to a center for pre-natal care and women's health with our "Get Care: Get The Healthcare You Deserve" program (centers continuously being added to database). Maternl© believes that all families must be able to enter and be embraced by a healthcare system. Through its 'GetCare' program, Maternl© can provide not only help with finding and access to pre-natal care centers and resources, but Maternl© fosters advocacy and personalized direction to these centers by providing a letter of introduction to the center so dignity and respect can be realized and essential pre-natal care services be obtained.

Through this portal, GetCare provides the user with easy access to a database of geographic-specific Federally Funded Clinics and Maternal and Child Health Services linked through HHS.gov where prenatal and delivery care can be given and a global database of centers in developing, vulnerable countries and cities. GetCare provides a personalized letter of introduction for the user to the health care facility they select as one who needs help with their care, much like patients have a letters of referral to a doctor from another doctor. By having this introduction to prenatal care services GetCare addresses the lack of an advocate / provider, the lack of awareness of local healthcare facilities offering maternal and child health care services including prenatal care, a lack of understanding of the need for pre-natal care, albeit early care, the late diagnosis, recognition and acceptance of ones pregnancy, embarrassment and denial, and perhaps, shame, diminished self worth and dignity and a feeling of isolation without a place or professional to turn to for immediate care, counseling and accompanying advocacy. The letter itself is not a referral but an introduction. This service can be easily linked to local and regional social services so families in need can have their support as well.

2. To locate a FQHC Federally Qualified Health Center and / or a center for primary care, prenatal care or women's health care, enter the city or country (This database is in the process of being developed.) If your city or country is not found, you may email us at info@hygeia.org for help.








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