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Poetry enables me to ask why even when we already understand how. It permits me as a Doctor of Medicine, witness to the frailties of our humanity, to abet healing through the very core of what makes us human, ur language and our personal emotions. It is my platform to tell my 'stories', to honor my patients, my friends, my family and indeed, the essence of humanity; the "family of man". It is my hope that offering these very personal poems to the users of Maternl© for their own or to be shared with friends and family will bring solace, comfort and hope at most difficult of times and celebrate and honor those of friends, family and colleagues who are in deed praise-worthy of such.

Although the poem is complementary, I am inviting you to help support the over mission of Maternl© with a small contribution of any amount. This can be done directly the Maternl© GOFUNDME Campaign by clicking on the logo below. For those of you who have already contributed through GoFundMe, this poem request service is offerred to you with sincere thanks and appreciation.

When you submit the form, it is randomly coded with a unique access code which will be immediately emailed to you at the email address submitted with your registration. You will need the access code to obtain your poem.

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Theme: Overcoming Adversity
Title: The Covenant
First Lines: "I am an artisan, A painter of hues unfading..."

Theme: Eulogy for a great person
Title: Mitzvah
First Lines: "Summoned by the voice of destiny..."

Theme: Praise for a great Teacher
Title: Beyond the Limestone Obelisks
First Lines: " Beyond the limestone obelisks..."

Theme: Hope
Title: Windows
First Lines: "Gather every morsel of hope, precious gift..."

Theme: Hunger
Title: Andira
First Lines: "Beneath their feet the parched leaves crack..."

Theme: Joyous Birth
Title: Aoide
First Lines: "The first song on earth was a child's cry..."

Theme: Friendship
Title: Amicus Certus
First Lines: "The silence of a burgeoning tree, Speaks louder than the streaming sea..."

You may also select a poem from my Library and send me an email request to create this personalized poem.
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CLICK HERE to send me a message including to whom the poem should be personalized for (dedicated to, in honor of, or in memory of).


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