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"To know and understand...is a dimension of being scientific… to be known and understood is a dimension of caring and being cared for"(George Engel).  This website and program, also called Hygeia® (after the Greek goddess of health and healing),  concerns the human dimension of healthcare and uses new technologies to share age-old feelings and lessons.  In an age of advanced medical technologies and changing paradigms in health care, Hygeia® strives to assure that as benefits of these technologies are fully realized, their expanding sphere of influence does not disenfranchise the patient, depersonalize the physician-patient relationship.

Obstetrics in 2012 is a paradigm for safe, patient-focused care. Families achieve optimally healthy maternal and newborn outcomes in an atmosphere of effective healthcare provider communications, a shared decision-making process between and among clinicians and nurses (teamwork) and evidenced / experientially based practices all occurring within a milieu of consistent and compassionate care which generates trust, the hallmark of the doctor-patient relationship. When unexpected outcomes do occur and /or technology fails to achieve its intended purpose, there must be avenues to foster understanding, administer compassion and promise hope.
  This is the human dimension of healthcare; this is Hygeia®

Michael R. Berman, MD, MBI, FACOG
Founder and President, Hygeia


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